With Texas roots, I’ve only fairly recently been transplanted in Memphis. Over the years, I have
slowly migrated north, from East Texas to Magnolia, Arkansas. There I graduated with a BFA
from Southern Arkansas University in 2012 and an MAT two years later. I made my way to
Helena, Arkansas where I taught middle school art, but I was longing to delve deeper into the
content with my classes. I decided to move on to older students. I currently teach high school art
in Marion, Arkansas, and I love it! But I still try to make as much time for growth in my personal
art as possible. I am so excited to be a part of Quonset Studios as well as the blossoming
Memphis art scene!
Exploring the relationships between nature and man, my work is experimental and ever-
changing. I am inspired by the workings of nature and I feel compelled to create. Influenced by
the imperfect elegance found in plants, I create delicate watercolor and acrylic florals
emphasized by the use of mixed media. The vastness of Earth and ocean encourages me to
produce resin abstracts that imitate minerals and the sea. Whatever the subject, I primarily work
with a color palette of deep blues or jewel tones, intricately lacing most pieces with gold leafing
and metallic pigment. I want my work to intrigue others and captivate them the way the Earth
captivates me. I hope to reflect the significance of our relationship with the environment.