After attending the Center for Creative Studies in Detroit, Michigan I began working with an incredibly talented team of designers. Our group designed, engineered, and constructed 3-dimensional props and decorations for large-scale events mostly in the Detroit area, but including personal jobs on the east coast and in the south. Along with commissioned works in charcoal, pastels, colored pencil, paper collage, and a restaurant wall mural, I continued to dabble in all of the above after moving to Memphis.

I have invested a lifetime of art exploration and pursuit to gain control over a diverse number of mediums, including a short stint with royal icing! Three years ago I took up watercolor painting and something resonated within me. As I continue to develop as a watercolor artist, I wish to incorporate my paintings with encaustic, hence this studio space. What attracted me to both watercolor and encaustic is the layering of the work.

My life has been a series of layers, each one building on the last, but often bringing about something entirely new! Life and art cannot be defined by a single layer. To linger on a distasteful one is disabling and to pause too long on a successful one inhibits growth. My watercolor paintings have focused primarily around flowers. I’m relying on the viewer’s desire for beauty to draw them in and as they linger, my intention is to help refocus on all that is good and right within the world. A deliberate intent to see and dwell on the positive has transformed my life and I wish for my art to reflect that and perpetuate the same.

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