I graduated from Ole Miss in 1998 with a BFA in Graphic Design and Illustration, but my true love has always been pottery. A few years back, I switched to pottery full time, and I specialize in making things that make you laugh, especially "critters". Some are based on real animals, some are derived from pop culture references, and the rest are straight out of my imagination. Right now, I am developing “back stories” for many of my critters and will be creating a 2019 calendar, in which twelve of my favorites will be featured. Hopefully, this huge project will lead to greeting cards, books, videos, and ultimately a partnership with Aardman, Pixar, or another up-and-coming cinematic group just like them.

I want to teach classes and conduct business in a professional, arts-friendly, safe part of
Memphis. Right now I work out of my house, which is fine until you start to add other people.
I have been asked repeatedly if I teach, and I have had to say no because I do not feel that
my basement studio is a proper place to do that. Meeting my clients at the dinner table in my home is rather awkward, too. Third but not least, I want to work in a community of other artists. My two cats are awesome, but not a good replacement for human interaction!

My favorite thing about Memphis, besides the barbecue, is the cultural progress that I have
seen over the last five years. It’s an exciting time to be here! The very first City Plan in four
decades is being developed right now, new murals and public art works are popping up all
the time, bike paths are everywhere, and many pockets of midtown and downtown, like
Flicker Street, are coming back to life and thriving again. I feel proud to be a Memphian, and I
am very hopeful about our city’s future. If it is possible, I want to be a part of it!

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